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Hear Our Story

Meet The Scherers'

 We are John and Heather Scherer, and we've been married since 4/6/13. When we began planning our Honeymoon, we both really struggled with the idea of spending a ton of time and money on a trip just because we were "supposed to go somewhere". We have been blessed with a lifestyle, and work schedule that allows us a great deal of flexibilty and free time together, so we didn't really feel the need to take a lavish trip somewhere "just because". We played with several ideas, and destinations but we never felt peace about anything.

One day a few weeks before we got married, John had an idea that he said was "crazy, but i'm gonna ask anyways". Because I love adventures, I was super eager to hear his idea. He had talked to Angie Jeffers, and learned that she would be in Haiti the week after we got married building bunkbeds for the orphange Project One Haiti was currently supporting. He told me his idea, and I immediatley agreed that is was the PERFECT place for us to begin our marriage.

You see, from an early age I have always felt called to Missions but I didn't think it was ever a realistic goal for me, as Missions work takes lots of FUNDS, SUPPORT, and TOOLS!

I had always dreamed and prayed that one day I would be able to take a Missions trip with my husband, but I had no idea I would get to do it so soon into my marriage!

So, we took that trip to Haiti and spent our week building bunk beds, building a shelter for the girls to cook under, and loving on kiddos and our world was forever changed. Although we had the time of our lives doing those things, something bigger was stiring in our hearts. We walked away from that trip not only heartbroken to leave those kiddos behind, but with a new awareness of what it takes to keep Missionaries in place, doing the things that they need to do. We both knew that Missionaries do a LOT of hard work, and have a HUGE list of needs, but it had never hit home with our hearts in quite that way. We came home knowing that we needed to do something more to drive more support and awareness to the missionaries.

So many people (ourselves included) had no idea what it takes to keep these ministries going. We saw not only the financial needs, but also a deeper level of support. These missionaries need Prayer! LOTS of Prayer! They need help bring awareness to what they are doing- what their day to day life looks like, the needs they have, the projects they have coming up, emotional support, someone to vent to, someone to give them advice, someone to help them organize things, and the list go on an on!

So, that has become our goal. We are currently working with Chris and Angie Jeffers who are located fulltime in Port Au Prince Haiti, and we have plans to partner with 100 other Missionaries in the coming years. Every order from our site helps us to meet this goal. Funds may be sent directly to the Missionaries, used to purchase supplies, used to cover flight cost for ourselves to visit these missionaries, or to cover flight cost to bring the Missionaries home for a short time, to fund special projects, etc.

We are so excited that you are here, and we thank you for supporting us as we Lose Our Lives!



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